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How to Order

A. Description:
  • The complete set includes three volumes which contain about 5000 pages of Hebrew text next to Italian translation.

  • Offset printing on Bible paper, each volume is 24*13 cm.

  • The Complete Italian Machazor is published in a special edition, which includes the three volumes in handcrafted leather binding, specially packed, as well as a regular edition in a leather-like binding and specially packed.
B. Ordering:
The ordering and payment for the sets is carried out by Leah Artom (see details in the opening letter). Payment will be done in two manners, to your convenience.
  1. Check - for: "Jerusalem Fine Art Prints". please send the check to: P.O.B. 53335, I.Z. Talpiyot, Jerusalem- 91540.


  2. Credit card - please contact Tamar at: 972-2-6724405.
    The price of the complete set in its deluxe edition is 400EUR.
    The price of the complete set in its regular edition is 200EUR.
    Supply is through mail service. shipment in Israel - 50 NIS, shipment abroad - 46USD.